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Sanjeevanam is one of the top ayurvedic hospitals in Kochi, Kerala providing authentic ayurveda treatments along with physiotherapy, yoga sessions, naturopathy and organic diet. At Sanjeevanam, we welcome you to a healing process practiced using traditional Ayurveda guidelines – every healing program is based on


Treatments drawn from across 5 Ayurveda specialties with an in-house medicine preparation centre

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Multiple yoga zones for training on Hatha yoga and Kriya yoga where the focus is on creating a custom curriculum

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Functional Fitness

A fitness center that has a range of state-of-the-art equipments, designed to improve your flexibility, core strength,

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Hair & Skin Clinic

Hair and Skin Clinic caters to all hair and skin issues through natural ayurveda treatments. At Sanjeevanam they are delivered with …

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Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Hospital has a fully fledged physiotherapy department equipped with the latest equipments

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Naturopathy & Diet

Naturopathy promotes and encourages eating food in its purest form. At SAyH we have the best of

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Carefully curated custom made ayurveda treatments

At Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital, we have carefully curated a range of custom made ayurveda treatments and other interventions that suit your individual needs. These healing interventions can be broadly classified into wellness, care and curative programs.


Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital in Kochi, Kerala is designed to provide you with an environment that is conducive for healing. We strive to ensure that your healing experience is a joyful one and in an environment that is easy on your mind and body. The kerala ayurveda centre takes pride in being one of the best ayurveda centres in india with a resort ambience.

What our Patients say!

Sanjeevanam is a “Sanjeevanam” for life. Really enjoyed the tour of Sanjeevanam, facility par excellence. All in one facility with a holistic approach. Well trained wellness team with a beautiful smile . I am sure, Sanjeevanam can bring happiness to your life.

Mr. Hari Namboothiri


Really loved the way the entire team is caring us, Sanjeevanam has neat facilities, treatment rooms are very hygenic and the way team maintains is commentable.

Ms Dharsana Vijayan


Excellent doctors and outstanding treatments, a right place for wellness treatment. Environment is super hygenic, especially the guest relations team and house keeping staffs.

Mr Haridasan


Treatments had helped me to overcome my lethargy and control my sugar levels. I would like to make a visit every year if possible.

Mrs Rebello



At Sanjeevanam, we understand that everyone has commitments, and that’s why we go out of our way to ensure that you get the best care you deserve. Because you and your time are important to us, you can now book ahead and make an appointment with any of our specialists.

Top Ayurvedic

Sanjeevanam is among the top ayurveda hospitals in Kochi and offers carefully customized treatment modules for each patient – in accordance with their individual needs. Our holistic ayurvedic healing interventions are focused on Wellness, Care and Curative programs and covers a wide range of chronic and acute conditions for both adults and children.

Kerala ayurveda is well known for its authentic treatments and as can be expected, there are numerous ayurveda hospitals in Kerala. And for those on the lookout for the best ayurvedic hospitals in Kochi, Kerala, look no further than the Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital, Kochi. Designed like a resort-cum-hospital, it is counted among the top ayurveda centres in Kerala. Here, we strive to provide you with a serene and tranquil environment that is healing to both the mind and the body.

Counted among the best ayurveda hospitals in Kochi, you will find state-of-the-art ayurvedic medical facilities here along with authentic treatments and genuine medications sourced from organically grown herbs. Caring and well-trained staff complete the picture of making Sanjeevanam one of the top ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala. Holistic wellness treatments here include various massage packages, Panchakarma treatment, yoga and a wholesome ayurvedic diet.

Ayurvedic Centres in Kerala

Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala

Panchakarma is an inherent part of ayurvedic treatments and includes ‘five actions’ or ‘five treatments’ that fall under eliminatory therapy. If you are on the lookout for genuine Kerala Panchakarma centre, then Sanjeevanam ayurveda hospital is your best option. Panchakarma massage in Kerala is basically a detox treatment that comes under disease treatments as well as for rejuvenation and wellness therapy.

Sanjeevanam is also a Panchakarma retreat, where panchakarma treatment cost is very moderate and forms part of the overall detox treatment. If you are on the lookout for the best ayurvedic hospitals in Kochi for authentic Kerala Panchakarma, then Sanjeevanam should be your first choice. We have been in the business of dispensing genuine Kerala ayurveda treatments since the last century and have a legacy to carry on.

Ayurvedic Treatment
Packages in Kerala

Being one of the best ayurvedic hospitals in Kochi, Sanjeevanam ayurveda hospital offers carefully-curated treatment packages for the convenience of our clients. Some of these packages include the highly-popular Kerala ayurveda rejuvenation packages, the safe and holistic Kerala ayurvedic weight loss packages, Kerala panchakarma packages and even one of the best, all-natural, ayurvedic spa packages in Kerala.

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Detox Package

Ayurveda Consultation + Ayurveda Treatment + Yoga & Fitness Consultation + 14 Days Stay (Deluxe Room)

₹. 1,49,999/-

Panchakarma Package

Ayurveda Consultation + Ayurveda Treatment + Yoga & Fitness Consultation + 14 Days Stay (Deluxe Room)

₹. 1,49,999/-

Rejuvenation Package

Ayurveda Consultation + Ayurveda Treatment + Yoga & Fitness Consultation + 9 Days Stay (Deluxe Room)

₹. 1,00,000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ayurveda medicine effective?

Genuine practitioners of ayurveda can definitely provide reliable and efficacious results for treatment for a wide variety of chronic conditions.

Does ayurvedic medicine have side effects?

As compared to allopathy, ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. This is because they are made up of all-natural plant-based products.

What are the main ayurvedic treatment procedures?

Ayurvedic treatments invariably start with an internal detox followed by carefully curated diets, massage therapies, herbal remedies and yoga and meditation.

How is ayurveda different from other medicines?

Ayurveda is different from other forms of treatments as it focuses on holistic treatment of the whole body, and not just the source of the symptoms of a disease.

Is ayurveda covered by medical insurance in India?

Many health insurers in India offer medical coverage for ayurveda under AYUSH treatments. However, these alternative forms of treatments come with an upper cap limit on coverage.

Ayurvedic Hospitals
in Kerala

Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine that has its origins in modern-day India and has been practised since around 5000 years. It has been in continuous use since then, and has been passed down over the generations. Kerala ayurveda is considered to be the most genuine form of ayurveda, with a majority of the herbs and plants used in ayurvedic treatments being locally available in the Western Ghats lying on the eastern side of the state of Kerala.

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Ayurvedic Treatment
Centre in Kerala

There are many thought processes abounding when it comes to seeking medical help for various health conditions – with more and more people opting for all-natural ayurvedic treatments of recent. Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are considered more authentic due to the easy access of medicinal plants and herbs that grow abundantly within this verdant southern state of India.

Since ayurvedic treatments are multi-pronged, it’s always better to go to a reputable ayurvedic treatment centre in Kochi. Ayurvedic treatments typically start with an internal detox followed by carefully curated diets, massage therapies, herbal remedies and yoga and meditation. One of the reasons why ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are so famous is that the ayurveda vaidyas (physicians) here look at disease conditions in a more holistic manner. Most Kerala ayurvedic centres start treatments with an initial purification process where all internal and external impurities are first purged from the body. This is subsequently followed-up with specific addressal of the disease condition.

There are a number of top ayurveda hospitals in Kochi for you to choose from; the Sanjeevanam ayurveda hospital is one of the most-endorsed ayurvedic treatment centres in Kochi. This globally-recognised ayurvedic retreat in Kerala has some of the best physicians, treatment facilities as well as having a resort-like ambience for those who need to stay over.

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